Monday, 18 January 2010


1.What can I do if i am overweight?
Eat healthier and exercise regularly
2.Why is eating healthy important?
Eating healthy helps you look and feel good
3.How Do I Start Eating healthier?
Get a healthy eating book or research on healthy eating
4.What foods should I eat to help prevent obesity?
healthy foods to prevent obesity
5.How can I control my eating?
Try avoiding junk foods,to be able to eat a healthy diet
6.What influences how I eat?
Your parents or peer groups might influence how you eat
7.How can I add more fruits and vegetables to my diet?
Buy some from a supermarket near you.
8.How can healthy eating help prevent disease?
It gives you a healthy life and a healthier body
9.Do you have salad with your food at home?
1 day/week,3days/week,everday,never
10.How often would you eat a takeaway meal?
once a week,once a month,once every week, more than 3 times a week

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