Monday, 18 January 2010



Production Planning for Charity Poster 2

The language we use will warn the teenagers and make them want to change their eating habits. Colours and font will be bold so they get attracted to it really and, also so they will see it all the time and remember it all the time. Lighting and camera angles will focus on the character in the picture. Their won't be a lot of performance just eating.
The consumer of this product are probablyteenagers or their parents themselves.
This is an original idea because charities like this hasn't been done before.

Production Planning for Charity Poster

Equipments needed for the production are cameras to take pictures for poster and, Adobe photoshop to edit the pictures.
Resources needed are restaurants such as KFC, food and also people to take pictures of them.
Skills we already have are how to use a camera and several tools on Adobe photoshop.
The medium we are working in is print because this is the best medium for a charity POSTER.
The audience we are targeting for our product are overweight/obese black teenagers.
There are three of us in a group and one person will take picture, another person might edit the pictures and, another person will make a website for our charity.
We have researched similar organisations that deal with healthy eating like the CHANGE 4 LIFE campaign that helps families eat better and exercise better.


1.What can I do if i am overweight?
Eat healthier and exercise regularly
2.Why is eating healthy important?
Eating healthy helps you look and feel good
3.How Do I Start Eating healthier?
Get a healthy eating book or research on healthy eating
4.What foods should I eat to help prevent obesity?
healthy foods to prevent obesity
5.How can I control my eating?
Try avoiding junk foods,to be able to eat a healthy diet
6.What influences how I eat?
Your parents or peer groups might influence how you eat
7.How can I add more fruits and vegetables to my diet?
Buy some from a supermarket near you.
8.How can healthy eating help prevent disease?
It gives you a healthy life and a healthier body
9.Do you have salad with your food at home?
1 day/week,3days/week,everday,never
10.How often would you eat a takeaway meal?
once a week,once a month,once every week, more than 3 times a week